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Team Building


No Cost

Industry Customized

 Trivia Night Event


On-Site or at your location of choice

This free event is customized to your industry and designed to bring team members of various experience and skill together for a fun time and a chance to win prizes!

Build respect among team members

Often employees on one team or shift are unaware of the difficulties and challenges of other departments. This event will group together those from different parts of your company and make them rely on each other for answers.

Create more resourceful employees

When your employees know they can rely on others, not only do they build a lasting bond with each other, but they become more resourceful. Employees learn who to go to when they need help, which means you get better results!

What's provided?

You provide the location, prizes, refreshments and players. We bring the questions, audio equipment, pens, answer sheets and an experienced quiz master. We will work with you to develop an event specific to your business. Trivia questions will be professional, entertaining and relevant.

Image by Sean Benesh
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