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Bundle Discount

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River +

When you enroll with River Health you qualify for Sedera pricing at a discount that will cover most if not all of your River Health premium.

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and families


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Sedera Bundle Discount

40 Year Old $500 IUA - $41 discount

50 year old couple with $2500 IUA - $52 discount

35 year old with Family $1500 IUA - $62 discount

IUA - Initial Unsharable Amount

Why choose

  • $35 monthly premium - that's it!

  • $0 Copay Office visits and unlimited virtual primary care and 3 in person visits at CVS Minute Clinic.

  • $5 prescriptions delivered from a formulary of over 500 medications.

  • Affordable labs from $0 - $30 at over 6000 parter labs.

  • At-Home care: members can request lab testing or urgent care in the comfort of their own home at no extra cost.

  • Free wellness perks such as a free premium headspace subscription and periodic yoga passes.

  • Online therapy for just $15 per month extra.

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Why choose

  • Low monthly contribution; usually less than 1/2 the cost of traditional insurance.

  • Become a cash-pay customer and unlimit yourself from restrictive carrier networks.

  • The initial unsharable doesn't start over each year like a deductible, just pay once per need from initial diagnoses to full recovery no matter how long it takes.

  • Sedera is not insurance, it's better!*

Select YES to VPC to receive your bundle discount

Why choose both?

  • River Health and Sedera Access + are the perfect compliment for each other.

  • River offers primary care, lab tests, certain prescription drugs and for an extra fee mental health care.

  • Sedera picks up where River leaves off*; if you have an unexpected emergency, need surgery or another high cost need Sedera steps in to help you cover those costs.

  • Sedera discount covers most or all of your River Health premium

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Sedera Pricing:

*PLEASE NOTE: Sedera is not insurance, and when you enroll with Sedera you become a cash-pay customer. Sedera will negotiate costs and reimburse you into a special bank account ($3 monthly fee) so you can self-pay for your medical needs above your initial unsharable. There is some risk that Sedera cannot cover all of the costs and you should understand these risks before enrolling. River Health does not cover any additional services outside of those mentioned above which include but are not limited to; Emergency Room, Surgery, Hospitalization, and many medications.

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