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Level Funding - Save 20%

A health-benefits program designed for your small- to medium-sized business


Business owners like you enjoy the advantages of self funding. And now, with our Alternative Funding Program, you get to experience those advantages without taking on added risk. It’s the easiest way for you to lower your costs while providing quality health care benefits to your employees.

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Save More With In-Network Providers

  1. Some plan options are HDHP qualified meaning they are HSA compatible!

  2. Certain programs allow for a return of some or all of your company’s unpaid claim dollars

  3. Certain programs have fitness rewards. Employees may be able to earn money deposited into their HSA or be reimbursed for copays for staying fit!


Level Funding 1min 15secs

With fully insured health plans, all of your premium is paid to the insurance company. You don't have any control over how that money is spent and you won't see any of those premium dollars again.

Alternative Funding is different as your single monthly payment is split among the program's three components. 

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Alternative Funding 

monthly payment


You will receive money back from your claims account when there are leftover claims dollars!




One, predictable monthly payment

Your employee monthly premiums are determined upfront and your monthly payment will remain the same for a full year unless you add/remove employees.


Plan administration and account management

Payments of claims, customer service and reporting is all done for you, leaving you to focus on your business


Quality benefits

Choose from several different plan structures. All employer-established benefit plans are ACA compliant and preventive services are paid at 100% when received from in-network providers


In-Network Providers

Search America's biggest national networks, and even visit a specialist without having to wait for a referral from your doctor


These plans come paired with the same major carrier networks you are already familiar with such as:

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Your business. Your plan.


Simple. Safe. Savings

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